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Affordable trading & investment education

Join a dedicated trading & investing community for only $49 a month with no lock-in contracts. Packed with education, covering Crypto, Shares and Forex.

Market Mentor - Where traders rally

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Private Membership to a Welcoming Community

When you subscribe to Market Mentor, you get access to the entire platform. No further upgrades or upselling. Your membership is your ticket to the whole thing.

Education Courses

We do not charge per course like most providers. Instead we have a simple $49/month subscription with unlimited access to all courses, including:

  • Share Market

  • Crypto Market

  • Forex Market

  • Technical Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Plus exclusive education from our partners

Massive value at an affordable price.


Experienced Mentors

Real mentors who really care about helping you. Our team is experienced, passionate and deeply involved in the financial markets.


We live and breathe trading and investing. Let us guide you and take your skills to the next level.

Meet the team here!


Live Zoom Calls

Join us on Monday and Thursday nights live.

Learning by yourself is hard work. Most people fail, that's the reality. Watch experienced traders in action with our Live Zoom Calls. Learn how to dissect a company on the ASX, draw up a technical chart, navigate foreign exchange, trade a crypto pair or manage your risk.

Most importantly, we exist to help you succeed and these Live Zoom Calls are a safe place to ask questions, share your wins and losses and truly get ahead.

Dedicated & Focused Community

It's critical to surround yourself with the right type of people. If you are serious about being a profitable trader or successful investor, your circle is important.

They say "your network is your net worth", and we take that pretty seriously here.

We have created a supportive, professional and unique culture which means that our members truly care about each other and they want you to succeed.

Join us and get some real support in your corner.

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Local Events

Every few months we host local events in major cities around Australia to encourage our members to meet eachother in real life. 

Proximity is power and we believe in surrounding yourself with the right people.

We look forward to seeing you at our next one!


Professional Partners

Market Mentor is supported by the most trusted brands in the industry. We believe in them and they believe in us. Credibility and trust are everything. 


Our partners provide added value for members and even further guidance for the trading journey.


Join a team of professionals that has your back and care about your success.

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