Conditions of Membership

We need your help to keep Market Mentor as valuable, authentic, and safe as possible!

Below are our conditions of membership. They are designed to foster creativity, maintain
a positive community and culture and shield members from negative experiences. You
must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be in this network. Failure to adhere to these
simple conditions will result in removal from the platform. Please play nicely and support your fellow members!

BE supportive.

Support, encourage & interact with your fellow members. Treat people as you would
expect to be treated; with dignity, honesty and respect. No one here is looking for
personal criticism, cynicism, or judgement. (We can get that elsewhere on the Internet).
Do not bully anyone else. Do not disrespect other people or companies. Slander and
negative behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated here, nor will any degrading, sexist or
racist commentary. Be positive, respectful and supportive toward other members.

SHARE generously. 

Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear today to
solve a problem or seize an opportunity. We welcome you to interact and ask questions.
Share your highs and lows, opinions, and the knowledge you have learnt through your
personal experiences. Please share only relevant content, information and experiences,
leave the “cute cat videos” etc. for Facebook. If you do want to chat casually, that’s what
the Tribes are for! Remember that "advice" must come from a licensed professional in a private
environment. It is important you remember not to give financial, legal, or accounting
advice; any questions of this nature should be directed to the appropriate qualified
professional partner and taken offline.

BE constructive. 

We are here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each
other think bigger, get creative, think outside the box and stay curious. We are all here
because of a shared passion for trading/investing. Let’s grow and learn together - it is
exciting! Instead of saying “that’s wrong”, you could say “Have you considered…?”
There’s always a positive and civil way to communicate. We expect that here. You are free

to disagree with anyone, but must strive for civility and to avoid criticism that is
personal, rather than substantive. Comments must be free from unfair, malicious or personal attacks. Only make relevant, factually-supported criticisms of content.

DO NOT spam or promote. 

This community exists to help you learn. It is not a place to spam or self-promote your
own or other businesses or business interests, including opportunities that would take
away from or be in conflict with the market mentor business. Please do not share off topic
content or content from other sites or educational providers. Promotion of affiliate links,
MLM/pyramid, ponzis, get rich quick, high risk trading schemes or anything of that nature
is strictly forbidden and will result in removal from the platform. You may not post about
these things publicly or private message about them within the platform.

STAY ethical.

Market Mentor considers ethical conduct essential to its culture. Unlawful, harmful,
threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, excessively violent, defamatory, vulgar,
obscene, pornographic, libelous, or other similar unethical content is strictly forbidden.
Do not be invasive of another‘s privacy, hateful racially, ethnically or otherwise
objectionable. Do not be illegal, unethical, or socially irresponsible. You must be a
minimum of 18 years of age to be in this network.

DO share ideas with us.

We offer professional partnerships for appropriate businesses. If you think a certain
business would work well with Market Mentor, please let us know via private message. In
addition, if you have an amazing idea to add to the community, create a tool or resource,
or anything else, just reach out to a Mentor or Glenn Leese for a private discussion.
Chances are we can create it for you, talk it through, organize, and implement. If the idea
generates income or increases business, we can even discuss some form of benefit for you
for your input / idea. No need to spam, collaboration will get you further, we promise!
We trust that as a condition of joining Market Mentor all members are genuine
participants, not people looking to use the membership or community as a platform to
promote or advance other businesses or services. All material & courses in the platform
are intellectual property of Market Mentor & the Professional Partners, copying of such
materials will not be tolerated and is illegal. If you do find yourself upset by anything or anyone, or identify any defamatory commentary, please respect others in the community and contact a Mentor or Moderator directly to resolve any issues.

We reserve the right to delete any posts which are not aligned and remove
anyone from this group who is not following these guidelines or generally
threatens the culture of the community.

Easy to remember points:

● Create positive experiences for others
● Support fellow members
● Share generously and avoid giving “advice”
● Don’t disrespect other people or companies
● Never engage in self promotion or spam
● No religion, politics or conspiracy theories
● Stay ethical
● Ask lots of questions!
● Be open to feedback and development
● Share your great ideas with us

These are easy conditions to follow. All we ask is that you be a considerate person.
If you think you will be unable to abide by these conditions, let us know, and we are happy
to remove you.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions about how to improve Market Mentor.

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