Our Story

Market Mentor was founded in Melbourne in 2020.

We identified a need for genuinely helpful and impactful education in the financial markets.

This was driven by many things:


  1. The large amount of new traders rushing head first into the markets during the pandemic, needing help.

  2. The lack of multi-market education providers, leaving new traders confused.

  3. The high cost of education from existing providers, causing traders to waste precious capital on education.

  4. The outdated models of mentoring and coaching, costing traders a fortune and lacking diversity in experience.

  5. The benefit of developing a network of like minded, ethical and helpful professionals that genuinely care about helping traders and investors. Standing together, we present a powerful group to support traders and push back against unethical providers.

We firmly believe that "your network is your net worth", which is why we have gone out of our way to create a high value private group.

We currently have members in every major city in Australia and professional partners in many states as well. Our goal is to grow our network into the most valuable private membership group the industry has ever seen.

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Our Team

Meet the team behind Market Mentor Network.


Our Partners

Meet the Companies who support us on our journey.

Our Purpose

We bring together aspiring & experienced traders to navigate the confusion of the financial markets in a welcoming environment.

By sharing our knowledge, we can each gain clarity around our ideal market, discover our best trading style & strategy, and make real progress towards becoming consistent and profitable traders.