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Watch this video to get a taste of the platform functionality. Our private membership operates like a social media site, making it extremely easy to use.

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Our platform is highly functional, easy to use and packed with content & value.

Education Courses

Original content written by traders, for traders

We believe in providing unique, high quality education, which is why we have produced it ourselves. We currently have more than 10 courses with hundreds of lessons on demand for our members. Core courses include Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Share Market, Crypto Market, Forex Market and much more. A user friendly platform allows you to track you lessons and jump between courses as you wish. Any future courses released are automatically included in your membership!

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Live Zoom Calls

See through the eyes of a professional trader

On Monday nights we scan both the Crypto and Stock Markets, looking for opportunity and discussing events that have occurred. On Thursday nights we conduct Technical Analysis training, teaching lessons from our TA course live. Both sessions are excellent for new and experienced traders to discuss, question and learn. On top of this, our partner OANDA provides a Forex market scan on Wednesdays for those wanting to dive into the currency world!

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Topic Channels

Chat with a focused community of traders

We have key topics designed to encourage discussion and learning, while also preventing poor culture. Our chat groups are organised, professional and helpful. You will not encounter any unprofessional behaviour or rookie gamblers looking for the next moonshot. Rather, you will find likeminded individuals wanting to truly improve themselves, increased their network and level up. Our Topic discussion are gold.

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Discover Events

More eyes on the industry

We believe that there isn't a lack of information available, there's just a lack of awareness of how to find and process it. We keep our eyes on the market so you don't have to. Finding events from all over the industry and bringing them directly to you. If you are looking for industry knowledge and exposure, look no further than our events section.

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Stay Organised with Notifications

Take action easily and in an organised way

We have a sophisticated notification system on our platform. Why is this important? Other providers use standard social chat apps such as Discord or Facebook, making it hard to figure out what's really happening. Picking up where you left off is a challenge and staying up to date with the sea of charts, comments and discussions is almost impossible. At Market Mentor, we keep things organised, calm and professional so you can get the most from your time.

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Simple Navigation

Easy to use means easy to grow

It doesn't matter what information you have access to if you can't find it easily. The platform has been purposely designed with member experience in mind. We have created an environment that is perfect for traders to learn, share and grow. Any resources needed can be found in our Discovery section. We also have a keyword search function to check the entire platform for anything you need.

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