Frequently Asked Questions

Q | How much does membership cost?

A | AUD$539 per year for the best value. Alternatively, $49 per month.

Q | Am I locked into a contract?

A | No. We do not have any kind of lock-in contracts at Market Mentor. You can cancel anytime.

Q | Is this membership really charged in Australian Dollars? I see other companies quoting a price and then I find out it's actually US Dollars.

A | Yes! We only charge in Australian Dollars. This means that the $49 per month is REALLY $49 per month. No tricks. No smoke and mirrors.

Q | Does the monthly fee include the education courses?

A | Yes! All education courses are included in the monthly fee.

Q | Which financial markets are covered inside the platform?

A | We cover the Share Market, Forex Market and Crypto Market. 

Q | Do I have to pay extra to speak to a mentor?

A | No! The fee is all-inclusive. This means you can access the entire platform, including the mentors. We have specialist mentors for all markets and there is no limit on who you can contact for guidance.

Q | Do you cover Technical Analysis?

A | Yes. Technical Analysis (TA) is a core part of becoming a successful trader. We discuss TA regularly, share charts, assess members charts and even have a complete Technical Analysis education course available.

Q | The monthly fee is much lower than other providers. I'm worried because it's cheap I'm going to be upsold to something else later. Is this the case?

A | You are right, we are much cheaper than our competitors. However, there is no backdoor, no sales pitch and no upsell product. We have kept our prices as low as possible so you can use your capital to trade. By keeping the price low, it means you can buy more time to develop your skills as a trader. The only thing that matters in the financial markets is longevity - and you won't achieve that burning through hundreds of dollars a month on education. At Market Mentor, the low monthly fee is the ONLY paywall you will find. Membership is all-inclusive for the platform.

Q | What does it mean to be able to "access a mentor"?

A | Our mentors are available online to assist our members. The best way for everyone to benefit is to post your questions directly in the platform so when they are answered by a Mentor, they help the whole community. However, should you have a private question, we have a direct messaging feature. Our Mentors also host live calls which is another avenue of contact.

Q | What are "Live Zoom Calls"?

A | Each week, our Mentors host live market scan sessions over Zoom. This is basically a live video stream where the Mentor shows you the market and charts they are looking at. You have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of an experienced trader and see what they see. Our platform is advanced and you are able to RSVP for these live calls and even leave your questions ahead of time for the host. The videos are recorded and available for 48hrs after the session.

Do you have another question? Please use the live chat feature or simply CONTACT US HERE