Celebrating our Evolving Brand

We recently decided to upgrade our branding and we absolutely love the new look and feel.

It's a mixed feeling to update a brand because its something you see everyday and something you grew to love already.

Roschelle, our Brand & Social Media Manager said:

The network is always evolving, so its time the branding evolves as well...

We think so too. However, this didn't come easily. If you have ever been through a rebrand or a brand upgrade, you will know whats involved. So many designs, shapes, styles, fonts... mind blowing. Also, who knew there were even that many colors?

Honoring the Original

You really don't know where the creative process will take you, so you just have to be taken.

However, as we explored new options one thing became very clear - we needed to honor the original logo that started everything. So this is what we did. Plus, we added our own vibe to make it really meaningful to us and the network.

The Mentor and Mentee

The Mentor <> Mentee relationship is sacred. This is integral to our logo and had to stay. The amazing part of the sharing process process is that we all start by being either one and soon we all become both. None of us know everything and we are super proud of our "share and grow" culture. We have a network of positive, open minded people and we love it.

The Arrow

The arrow is an evolution of the original dot and line chart. One of our 10 principles is to "think long term". The consistency is what produces results in your investing, personal finance and trading. However, consistency (and faith) is required because success takes time... a lot of it. In our logo now we have an arrow that purposely does not go straight up. While we see a lot of fun trading and investing platforms out there who use exciting arrows shooting into the sky, it's not our vibe. In reality, the market is choppy as hell. It doesn't care about you and it certainly doesn't go straight up. The arrow is the reality and it represents all of us who think long term, be consistent and dedicate ourselves to the learning process.

The Screen

We are an EdTech after all, it would be pretty hard to do what we do without screens and internet! The screen represents our ability to be remote and achieve anything we want online. However it also nods its head at what we refer to as "screentime" in the trading world. The acknowledgement that it takes a ton of screentime to understand, to see patterns, to be in the flow and to recognize opportunity. To the previous point on our Arrow, success requires serious dedication - and it's totally worth it.

The Colors

We are blazing a fresh trail. While we loved our previous deep blue color, we are evolving after all.

We now have a vibrant gradient palette and a stunning bold solid. We love them both. We wanted again to honor the original which was our deep blue, but more in a fresh direction. Both are fantastic choices to represent us.

Bringing the Network to the Front

An important addition is the word "Network" which is now part of the main logo. While our company has always been "Market Mentor Network", of course we quickly fell into the habit of shortening it to "Market Mentor". Adding the Network back in is essential to honor one of our core achievements and goals - to create the opportunity for members to meet others. Another of our 10 Principles is to "Pay it Forward". We believe that helping each other genuinely changes lives.

Before and After

And there you have it! The transition is complete. We love our new branding and we hope you do too.

Stay tuned to our socials to see what we are up to as we continue to evolve further.

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