We Welcome New Leaders to the Team

In July welcomed 2 amazing people into our Market Mentor Team as Community Leaders. Emmaleen Oakley and Raffi Zarmanian.

While they are both great traders in their own right, more importantly they genuinely care about helping others. One thing we value above all other things at Market Mentor is making a real and lasting impact on the traders that we teach.

As our members can attest to, we have very little interest in posting about "gains", chasing rockets or trying to look fancy AF on social media. In fact, in our experience, less is more - and quite often it's the traders staying quiet that are doing really well. We focus on being humble, practicing realistic trader development and making actual, bankable profit.

Emmaleen and Raffi suit our team to a T. They do the hard work and they are focused on the end result. We are proud to have them with us and helping our traders.

A very warm welcome to our team, and please help us congratulate them on stepping up, putting themselves out there and saying yes to helping others.

At the end of the day, we can only focus on delivering as much value as we can. Adding Emmaleen and Raffi to the team is exactly that.

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