The Private Membership Experience

Learn Concepts through Education Courses

Education is necessary to succeed in the financial markets and too often is overlooked by providers. It's not good enough to have access to a single course for a single market or concept.

True success in the markets requires exposure to multiple markets, multiple concepts and a true understanding of trade theory.

Included in your monthly membership is access to ALL education courses:

Share Market

Forex Market 

Crypto Market

Technical Analysis

Risk Management

Mindset & Financial Guidance

PLUS more from our partners!

Additionally, all future courses online are automatically included as they are produced. We do not charge extra for courses. Our platform is intuitive and you can easily jump around the courses as much as you like to sample what's on offer.

Gain Access to Experienced Mentors

While there is no magic button to make you a successful trader, you can certainly speed up the process with the right guidance.

Did you know that many providers charge thousands of dollars to talk to a single mentor? If that sounds crazy to you, it's because it is. We have changed the game.

Say goodbye to "mentoring" gimmicks.

Having access to mentors means being able to leverage the significant experience they have. They have been where you are right now and learned the lessons the hard way so you don't have to.

Included in your membership is full access to every mentor, for every market. No need to pay thousands of dollars to talk to one person. We have changed the game, providing you access to multiple mentors, across multiple markets, for no extra cost. It's a new experience and one we know you will love.

We currently have 5 mentors for you to learn from and connect with. 

John Muffet | Share Market

Dale Lee | Forex Market

Tennille Walsh | Crypto Market

David Villagra | Forex Market

Glenn Leese | All markets

All future additional mentors added will be automatically included in your monthly fee.

Feel the Power of a Dedicated Community

"Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you"

It's a pretty significant statement. That's because it's true.

When you have goals, it's critical that you associate with the right people.

Unfortunately, most of the time this isn't your family or friends.

When you are on your journey to become a consistent and profitable trader, you need to spend time with other traders. It's a simple but important factor in success.

At Market Mentor, you can experience the power of being involved in a community that's dedicated to the same things you are. 

Market Mentor is where traders rally. Come join us. These are your people.

Look over the shoulder of a Seasoned Trader with Live Zoom Calls

The purpose of a live call is for you to look over the shoulder of a seasoned trader and really see how they operate.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week we have live zoom calls available for our members.

All 3 markets are covered, with Forex featured twice (it is the largest after all!)

Every market is unique. Unfortunately some providers tell new traders that learning about a single market means you can apply those skills to all markets. It's simply not true, and this is why we cover all 3, separately.

FOREX Market

Our Forex mentors, Dale and Dave will take you through the technical analysis of the currency markets as well as the economic factors at play, monetary policy news and other things that could affect your trade.

With Forex, you really need to learn from experienced traders who have been where you are right now and can show you the best and worst ways to approach the market. 


When it comes to Cryptocurrency, the market is still new and developing. If you are a new trader or one that wants to improve, it's critical to learn from a seasoned trader. Not only that, but due to the nature of the ever-changing market, you want to learn from someone who lives and breathes Crypto.

Our mentor Tennille can show you what she's looking at each week. You can follow her to understand WHY some coins are moving when others aren't, how much impact Bitcoin has on the market and who the up and coming players are. What's more, you can ask questions, get answers and make real progress.

SHARE Market

The Share Market is arguable one of the most complex markets to understand.

There's a common misconception that anyone who understands Technical Analysis can trade shares. We would disagree. The fundamentals of this market are so important that some successful traders and investors don't use Technical Analysis at all!

On the share market zoom calls, our mentor John runs through company assessments including the fundamentals such as balance sheets, announcements, projects, leadership, partnerships and history before we even start on the technical side of things. This can be immensely helpful if you are considering trading or investing in real companies.

All Live Zoom Calls are included with your membership and any extra Zoom calls outside this schedule are automatically included as well. 

Benefit from the Support of Professional Partners

There's something very unique about your membership with Market Mentor. We don't stand alone - and neither do you.

Not only do you have the support of our amazing team to help you on your journey, but you have the support of our partners. Everyone one of us is here for the same reason - to help you succeed. 

We believe it's arrogant to think that we can give you everything you need on our own. It's simply not true. To succeed in the financial markets, you need to surround yourself with contacts in the industry. 

As a trader you are already aware that a "bubble" is a dangerous thing. This is what can happen when you join a community with no partners. It's like being in a cult with no outside influence. No links to the rest of the market. No exposure to other companies.

We have made sure this isn't the case at Market Mentor. In fact, we have multiple partners ready to support you, expose you to different concepts and even provide education for you that comes from them. This way, we ensure that you get the complete experience, the most exposure and build the best industry contacts you can.

Come experience the power of a professional network.

Our Partners:

OANDA | Forex Broker

SelfWealth | Stock Broker
Swyftx | Crypto Exchange

Better to Best | Executive Coaching

Naptix | Accounting Advisors

We are also actively speaking to more companies who are ready to join our cause!

Find the conversations you want and need through Organised Discussion

One of the issues we have identified with some providers in the industry is the disorganisation and confusion within the platforms.

Some of this is a byproduct of the type of platform that others choose to use, such as Facebook and Discord, which are not ideal for organised discussion. Some of it is due to poor management and poor choices in members.

Regardless, we have set out on a mission to do better.

To achieve this, our platform is organised into "Topics" which help to facilitate structured discussion.

Think of these like channels that have particular types of content. We have created this to stay organised and also help members find the information they need.

Some of the Topics we have developed are:

Technical Analysis

Share Market

Forex Market

Crypto Market

Financial Planning


Performance Enhancement

Motivation & Inspiration

Tools & Resources

... and much, much more

As a member, you are able to use these channels / topics to direct your questions and find organised discussion.

We have found that content remains relevant, discussions remain focused and information is easy to locate.

Develop your Skills anytime with 24/7 Platform Access

It's important to be able to work, learn and develop on your own terms. A large part of this is being able to access information as and when you need it.

The Market Mentor platform is accessible 24/7. We have options for Web and App based access, both of which are incredibly user friendly.

Our courses are trackable for your progress, so even if you want to sneak a quick lesson in at midnight, you can - and it will be up to date for you when you next return.

Need to socialise and network late at night? No worries, any interaction will be stored in your notifications section ready for you to revisit the next day.

Every comment, like, post, message or interaction will have a notification attached.

No more senseless scrolling through a Facebook chat group to try and figure out what happened while you were away!

24/7 access, anyway you like. It's really important and we have you covered.

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