Our Team

Where the Passion Begins


Glenn Leese


The financial markets are my passion, therefore I have unlimited energy for the industry and people in it. I have more than 15 years experience as a trader and I'm deeply involved in the industry in many ways. I'm here to help traders and investors truly succeed.

Tennille Profile Pic.jpg

Tennille Walsh

Lead Mentor

Trading is my passion and second to that is travelling with my family. It has given me a lifestyle where work and play are the same thing. I cant wait to help others experience this. I'm here to educate and guide our members in the crypto market.


John Muffet

Lead Mentor

I find great value and fulfilment in helping my peers along the way on their own investment journey and am a big believer in Together Everyone Achieves More. I'm here to educate and guide our members within the stock market and trading in general.

Brad Profile New.jpg

Brad Walsh

Community Management

I may not have the answers to all the trading questions yet, but I will go the extra mile to help you find that answer. Whilst I'm no expert, I'm passionate about trading and I improve my own results every day. I'm here to help our private community engage & thrive.

Emmaleen Profile.jpg

Emmaleen Oakley


I began buying Crypto in 2017, but only started day trading in 2021. My full time career is in Education where I started as a graduate in 2012 and became an Assistant Principal in 2020. Now I am hoping to transition to full time trading in the next three years. I am passionate about learning and teaching trading and I am hoping to transfer my skills into this space.

Raffi Profile.jpg

Raffi Zarmanian


I love trading and I get a lot of enjoyment helping others along their trading journey. I'm passionate about Forex, however I pride myself in being able to trade multiple markets. I'm here to help others and lead the community.

Chrissy Profile Pic.JPG

Christine Jones

Commercial Manager

Adding trading to my business & real estate experience means I can expand my skillset to create a free & comfortable lifestyle for myself, family & friends. Although I'm still learning, I'm here to help create a great experience for our members and steer the company financially.


Tyler Leese

Referral Programs Manager

From an early age, I have loved creating things and watching them grow. Alongside my own business endeavours, investing in the share market has offered me the opportunity to get in at the bottom of some pretty amazing companies. I'm here to drive growth.


Roschelle Charters

Social Media Manager

As someone who is not a trader yet (but learning!) I find it interesting to listen, learn and create content for something I am not overly familiar with. It helps me to ensure I keep the content applicable to everyone. I'm here to drive brand awareness through social media.