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What our members say about us

Dean | Melbourne

New trader, so before I really jump into the stock market I need to learned the rules of the game & develop my own strategies. Very engaging team & learning a lot!

Raffi | Melbourne

Great mentors all very helpful its a must mentorship for anyone keen on learning to trade or even upgrading they're current skills. Glenn and his team have done a wonderful job of making it a very easy to use platform.

Peter | Sydney

As I already have a solid understanding about the basics of trading and investing I joined Market Mentor Network to further progress my skills and psychology and to be part of a community that focused on trading without all the distractions.

Ram | Perth

You definitely need someone to lean on, trust over your emotional wall, and you went them to be expert of the game. Market mentor ticks every box that a newbie needs, I am happy with them, the network is highly interactive.

Adam | Sydney

I was basically gambling on the stock market when I first started. I've learnt so much from the mentors that now I'm making more and losing less. I lead a busy life and find it hard to watch the live zoom lessons but I'm able to watch the recording at a time that suits me and work through the lessons at my own pace. It's money well spent