Market Mentor is designed to overcome the most common problems traders face.

If you are reading this, chances are you have experienced some struggle as you try and navigate the financial markets. 

Guess what? It's NORMAL! We all have.

Here's the thing...

You actually need to go through a bit of struggle to begin to find your path. 

Once you have an idea of which direction you want to go in, that's when the real journey begins. The learning, testing, networking, discovering.... and growing.

Successful traders & investors take years to learn their craft and decades to master it.

Unfortunately there's no magic button to push. You have to learn and grow if you want to take charge of your own investment experience.

However there is good news! 

Although you can't avoid the learning and growing, you can rapidly speed up the process.

Having a mentor to guide you means you are learning from the mistakes that another person has already made. Someone who has been where you are right now and already knows the way through the maze. 

A mentor means cutting your learning curve in half, fast-tracking your growth and finding success much sooner than you ever would on your own. 

This is huge.


Traditional Mentoring is Costly

Have you ever paid for a mentor or a coach? It's not cheap. 

Nor should it be. You are leveraging off another person who has been through the maze and come out the other end. They have done everything you want to do and they know what works. You can leverage their lessons, failures, trials & successes for your own benefit. This is amazing, there's no denying it. 

You know it, they know it and that's why you pay.  

Coaches and mentors charge high fees for 1-1 consultations. To be honest, most of them are probably worth the money. I've paid it and I know many other people that have too. It's an investment. 

This can often cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Again, it's usually worth it. I support mentors and coaches immensely. 


We've found a better way to get what you need.

What if you could access a mentor for much less? 

How about a low monthly membership fee?

This is what I've learned...

Many people have the same questions and are facing the same confusion. This means that a mentor can help multiple people when they answer a question, because the very question you ask might be the same question on the minds of 10 others.


Individual Mentors mean Individual Experiences

If I'm a swimming coach, I'm going to teach you how to swim.

Sounds obvious...

What if you are interested in sports, but you don't know which sport to pursue?

Would you sign up with a swimming coach...? 

Not likely.

A mentor is going to teach you what they know. 

It's going to be what worked for them. 

When it comes to the financial markets, one of the issues new players face is the HUGE amount of choice.

You have to choose a market, an asset class, a trading style, a strategy.. and more.

Whilst this sounds great in theory, with a single mentor, its going to be specific to them, not to you. 

As a trader, you need to be able to try different things to find what works for you.

We've found a better way

What if you didn't have to choose just one mentor?

What if you had access to a few of them..?

What if our community had multiple mentors... and they are all yours...

for the same monthly fee.

We have gone out of our way to create the perfect 

environment for traders and investors. 

Low cost, huge benefits.


Trading & Investing Courses are Expensive

I've paid more than $5,000 for trading courses.

Does that sound crazy to you? It sounds crazy to me... in hindsight

You don't know what you don't know.

Let me tell you a story.

I paid $10,000 to learn how to trade options, which I thought it was a bargain. The strategies seemed great, the potential profits were huge. 

How could I lose?  (I'd make my money back in no time.)

Here's what I didn't see coming.

I hated options. Zero enjoyment.

So, now I knew a lot of options theory, I was $10,000 out of pocket and I wasn't any richer. 

The worst part is that I had spent all my money on education

leaving no capital left to trade!

Now, there's nothing wrong with Options at all... 

It just wasn't for me, and I wish I could have figured that out 

without spending $10,000

I've been down this road personally

What if you didn't have to spent thousands?

What if you could simply join an amazing community and choose from 

  • multiple courses

  • multiple markets

  • multiple mentors

just for a single monthly fee?

Keep your capital in your pocket. Use it for a better purpose. 

Use it to trade and invest.

Education is 100% necessary, high costs aren't. 

It's that simple.

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